Wi-Fi Access Point Installation

Make Your Home Work for You

Get better Wi-Fi access for all of your devices

If your home is not brand-new, then you're probably running on older Wi-Fi connections. Optimize your wireless streaming connections with new Wi-Fi access points. Sandwich TV Home Entertainment will come to your home and upgrade your Wi-Fi access points so you get the most from your wireless internet. We can add hotspots throughout your home so you can run all of your wireless devices without clogging up your server.

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Benefits of multiple Wi-Fi access points

When you have multiple devices pulling from your Wi-Fi, you aren't getting the best quality possible. With more Wi-Fi access points throughout your home, you can benefit from...

  • Reliable Wi-Fi in every room of your house and garage.
  • Fast download times and internet browsing.
  • Less buffering and lagging while streaming.
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